Become V.I.P. running the Garda Trentino Half Marathon 2021 and then a member of our Garda Trentino Running Club.

The most “constant runners” of the competition  Garda Trentino Half Marathon are appointed as V.I.P.s. Who is already running the 18 time / 15 time or 13 time the competition, becomes a member of “Garda Trentino running Club”

SILVER RUNNER CLUB – running the 13 time the competition

– technical socks with our logo 
– 25% discount on the registration fees of our sport events 2021

GOLDEN RUNNER CLUB – running the 15 time the competition

– First class technical shirt and technical socks with our logo
– 50% discount on the registration fees of our sport events 2021

PLATINUM RUNNER CLUB – reserved to all the athlets who took part to all the editions    

Who has achieved more than 15 times the finish of the half marathon, is then elected  as Platinum Runner. The advantages are all the same as  the membership for Gold Runners Club, but in addition their get their starting numbers free of charge, without paying any entry fees and 100% discount on the registration fee of all our sport events 2021.

For further info please contact our staff at the following mail address: eventi@trentinoeventi.it 

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