Timing chip and bib number
timing chip is disposable on the bib number, bib number at the breast

Journey by car
expo parking area to the PALAFIERE free of charge,
shuttle service free of charge from Riva del Garda, finish area tom Palafiere

At what time is the start?  
Start for 10K Garda Trentino: 09:30 a.m.

Where is the start?
The start for 10K Garda Trentino is in Arco – Segantini Square! Please be at the start at time to avoid any stress, tension or rush.

Starting blocks and times
No starting blocks

Where is the finish? 
Finish for all running distances is the 3 Novembre Square. 

Where can I find a route map?
You can find the route map from all competitions in the Download Area.

To the start point
free bus shuttle service, to reach the start point in ARCO. The buses will depart from PALAFIERE from 7.15 a.m. to 8.45 a.m.. The buses depart every 15 minutes To get into the buses participants must show  the ticket that will be given together with the bib number. The ticket  reports the time of the bus that the participant has to take.  

Delivery of clothing bags
A special service will be organized for the transportation of all bags containing participants’ personal belongings from the start line in Arco  to the Palafiere in Riva del Garda. The 10K Run participants hand in their clothes on HALL  A of the Palafiere. A special adhesive numbered sticker (also given out by the organization with the bib) must be fixed to the front of the kit bag. The organizing committee will take extreme care in the collection, handling and delivery of all bags, but declines any responsibility for lost items and will not offer any refund. 

Kit bag hand-out
You can collect your clothing bags until 3:00 p.m. at Palafiere, Pad A

What happens at the end of the race?
A few meters after the finish line, you will be channeled into special lines along which these operations will take placefinisher’s medal deliverymedical area and then the refreshment point.  

Return of rental chip
No return Chip. Chip is disposable.

both can be found next to the kit bag hand-out at Palafiere, HALL A

Return to parking area and Palafiere
From 10.00 until 14:00 p. m. shuttle service from Finish area in the starting area to PALAFIERE. Alternatively: you can walk about 1500 meter. 

Are animals allowed on the course?
It is not allowed to run your distance with an animal.


Results and corrections

Where do I find my results?
Shortly after the race, the results will be published in the results list in our website www.trentinoeventi.it.

What can I do when my result is missing or incorrect?
Please get in contact via e-mail eventi@trentinoeventi.it

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