On Sunday 08 November 2020, Trentino Eventi S.S.D.R.L. D. a r.l. is organizing 5K fun run.   


Participation: anyone can do it, kids and adults, from 0 to 99 years old. There are no restrictions. It’s a non-competitive race open to any individual, there is no need of medical certificate.  

Euro 15,00 for registrations until 15 August 
Euro 20,00 for registration from 16 August until 10 October   
Euro 25,00 Late registration from 11 October until  01 November
Euro 10,00 Kids under 10 years old. 

The money will not be refunded in any circumstances.. 


  • Race Packet with bib number and official backpack with our logo
  • Commemorative medal of the race for all finishers
  • Insurance and medical assistance
  • Refreshment station after the finish line
  • Toilets at the start and at the finish
  • Personal clothes transportation from start to the Palafiere 
  • Shuttle bus Pre-race transportation from Palafiere to Torbole sul Garda  
  • Post-race transportation from arrival area to Palafiere


The race packet with the bib number and the official backpack could be picked up on  

Friday  06      : Exposport – Palafiere – in Riva del Garda  from 05pm to 08pm. 
Saturday  07 :  Exposport – Palafiere – in Riva del Garda  from 10am to 07pm. 
Sunday  08    : Exposport – Palafiere – in Riva del Garda  from 07.00am to 08.30am. 

With the registration each participant declares to be in a healthy condition to take part in the race. With this form the athlete waives, releases and forever discharges the event organizers for all his/her liabilities, claims, actions, or damages that he/she may have against them arising out of or in any way connected with the participation in the race. 

Registration forms for minors must be signed by a person exercising parental authority. Registration packs which have been paid for, and not collected will be cancelled, and no refunds of any kind will be made. 

The first aid service is prepared and approved by  the Health Organization during events and scheduled exhibitions”. 

The event is a non-competitive run, so no race results will be given. 


As reported in the Personal Data Protection Policy of Trentino Eventi S.S.D. a r.l. on the data transmitted for signing up to 5K Garda Trentino, during the sporting event, photographic images and videos will be acquired and used by Trentino Eventi S.S.D. a r.l. for informational purposes of the various moments of the event itself, on the www.trentinoeventi.it  website, on the event’s promotional material, on social media and trade press. Both photographic images and videos will be stored in IT archives by Trentino Eventi S.S.D. a r.l. and by External Data Processors, duly authorized by the latter. 


By registering for the 5K Garda Trentino the participant and/or the parental authority (in case of minors) state: to have read and, consequently, to know, to accept and to respect this Regulation; to be physically fit for the characteristics of the event; to register voluntarily, to be aware that the event takes place on the streets of the city, to be aware that, being in free rhythm walk, I freely decide the pace to be used; to assume all the risks deriving from my participation in the event such as: falls, contacts with other participants, spectators, with vehicles or other contacts; hot/cold, rain/wet weather conditions; traffic and road conditions, risks well known and evaluated by me. Participants must comply with the Italian Highway Code. For those registering to the sporting event by filling out the on-line form via www.trentinoeventi.it website, the Privacy Policy referred to Article 13 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of personal data is published here, while for those who sign up using a paper form, it can be read on the same form. 

If the race is cancelled and/or does not go ahead for reasons beyond the control of the organizers and/or despite their wishes (including if the relevant public authorities retract their authorization), registered participants will have no right to make any claims against Trentino Eventi S.S.D. a r.l. or other joint organizers and no right to reimbursements for any past or current expenses. By signing a registration application, they waive the right to compensation and/or damages and/or any claims for indemnification and/or settlement for any past or current financial loss.  

At any time, in order to improve the organization of the event and/or for reasons of force majeure, the organizers may alter this Regulation. Details of any changes to the times, services and locations will be provided for participants on the official event website: www.trentinoeventi.it 


In case I will participate in the 5K GARDA TRENTINO, non competitive race  I will accept the above mentioned disclaimer expressed by the host. I will not claim any damages against sponsors of the run, against the town of Arco, Torbole sul Garda  and Riva del Garda or against the owners of private paths or their representatives due to damages or injuries of any kind which were caused by me participating in the run. It is a prerequisite of participating in this NON COMPETITIVE RACE to have trained sufficiently and to be physically healthy. I assert that I have undergone a medical health check before participating. Furthermore, I assert that the year of birth I mentioned is correct and that I will not pass my number on to another person. I agree that the photographs, films, interviews taken of me during the event are allowed to be used for radio and television, advertising or books without me claiming any allowance for them. I am aware of the fact that I will be disqualified if I leave the course of the officially measured marathon track, take shortcuts or make use of technical auxiliaries (car, bicycle, public transport, etc.). I am aware of the fact that I will be disqualified if I change the official number in any way, especially if I make the advertising print invisible or irrecognizable or if I have people accompanying me by bicycle or the like. In case I do not participate (illness, business trip, etc.), there is no claim for refund of the participation fee unless the host is responsible for me not participating.

After the registration has been effected, there is no claim for refund of the participation fee or for issuing a starting voucher for a later event – not even in case of illness. The organization fee is paid by a one-time direct debit or by credit card. Incorrect details and administrative charges caused by them are at the expense of the participant. 

The place of jurisdiction is Rovereto. Please note that according to data protection act, your data will be saved on a computer Effective date: November 2020 


Event website: www.trentinoeventi.it
E-mail: eventi@trentinoeventi.it 

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