The Baby Parking Area is managed by UISP TRENTO staff. 

The Baby Parking Area is for the exclusive use of children and youths aged between 4 and 12, children of competitors registered in the 19° Garda Trentino half Marathon.  

Access and use of the service is free. The parent is obliged to read, complete and sign these regulations. In case of failure to sign the UISP personnel does not assume responsibility for managing the child: Who entrusts the child must deliver an identity document (or photocopy) and fill out the form below. The child will be returned only to the same person. 

The Baby Parking area is open from 8.00 to 14.00 on 08 November 2020. Beyond the allowed time, UISP personnel do not assume responsibility for custody and child protection. 

The staff supervises the behavior and activities of the children within the Baby Parking Area. 

The Baby Parking Area is a place for games and entertainment, not a Pic-Nic area. The staff is not available for refreshment. The staff does not take responsibility for everything that happens outside the Baby Parking Area and in keeping any clothes or objects of any value. 

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