Participation and enrolment

  • Athletes wishing to participate must be 18 years old by the date of the event.
  • If you prefer to take part in the agonistic competitive race, and have the chance to compete for a prize and be included in the FIDAL/WA ranking list you have to:
    – hold membership of a foreign Sports Federation affiliated with IAAF and in this case you have to provide Garda Trentino Half Marathon with a copy of the association license
    – get the FIDAL Runcard and provide Garda Trentino Half Marathon with a copy of the medical certification which allows you to take part in competitive races according to the Italian law.
  • May I register the day of the race?
    No. registration are closed the day of the race
  • May I pay the registration fee when I pick up my bib number?
    No, you have to pay in accordance with the payment procedures provided. Registrations without entry fee payment will not be accepted.
  • May I register even if I haven’t got a license or the medical certificate yet?
    Yes, you can register . You will have to provide us with the documentation for the licence / medical certification by sending it via e-mail to the address gthm@evodata.it as soon as possible.
  • How can I check if my registration was successful?
    The www.endu.net automatically sends an e-mail confirmation when the payment is verified (wait a few days if you paid by bank transfer).
  • When will my name be available in the official participans’ list?
    Race numbers will be assigned automatically in steps (i.e. those who register first will have a lower start number compared to those who register later).
    Each athlete will be assigned with a specific start area. The area will be indicated on the race number to facilitate entry in their respective area.
    The starting area will be determined based on the “personal best time” declared by the applicants and obtained during the last 2 years during an official half marathon according to the following chart.
  • If I can’t participate, can I get a refund of the registration fee?
    No repayment of the organization fee can be claimed – unless a medical certificate is sent until October 31, 2024 (inbox). Please consider that a handling fee of EUR 10,00- will be retained by organizer.
  • The confirmation letter
    It will be possible to verify the entry status by following the directions on the following website www.trentinoeventi.it. The assignment of the race number will take place just a few days before the race. A few days before the race, all athletes enrolled will receive an e-mail valid as official “letter of confirmation”. This email will contain all the basic instructions for the race number pick-up and race participation. You do not need to print a hard copy of the email itself; you can bring it on a device like a smartphone or tablet.
  • Where can I pick-up my bib number? At the Expo in ARCO – Casinò Municipale!
    Friday November 08 from 03.00 pm to 07.00 pm ,
    Saturday , November 09, from 10.00am to 07.00 pm
    Sunday , November 10, from 07:00 am. to 09:00 am.
    at the CASINO’ MUNICIPALE _ ARCO – Viale delle Palme which will also host an Expo area on those same days.
  • What documents do I need to pick-up the bib number?
    To pick-up your bib number you will need to submit the following documents:
    a valid ID card
    documents confirming your Athletics Club membership ard and medical certificate (in case these documents had not yet been provided)
    a letter of confirmation (on your smartphone or tablet)
    The race numbers and goody bags can be collected by a third person, who must submit a specific authorization form signed by you and a valid ID card.
  • Can I pick-up the bib number on race day?
    Yes , you can pick up your bib number from 07:00 am. to 09:00 am.
  • What to do if you couldn’t attend the Expo
    Although we encourage everyone to register for the Garda Trentino Half Marathon in person we know this isn’t always possible. Here’s what you needed to do if you couldn’t attend the event:
    Nominate someone to attend the Expo and collect your runner number for you.
    Your nominee needed to provide a letter written and signed by you, giving permission for them to collect your number. They also needed to bring a copy of your identification.
    Sign the declaration on your registration form. When your nominee gave the form to the Registration Clerk, they checked your details.
    Your nominee also needed to bring some identification (for example, their passport or driving license).
  • Where can I find a route map?
    A downloadable PDF of the Garda Trentino Half Marathon course is available in our website www.trentinoeventi.irt download area.
  • Change your distance
    Anytime it is possible to change your distance! Just get in contact with us eventi@trentinoeventi.it. We need your datas:
    Name and surname
    Birthyear and sex
    E-Mail address
    Your change is from half marathon to 10K free of charges . from 10K to the half marathon, you need to pay the remaining fees.
    If you change on the Garda Trentino Half Marathon Weekend, we have to charge an extra fee of € 10,00.