Participation requirements
The event is open to all athletes being at least 18. To participate in the non competitive Garda Trentino Half Marathon it will be enough to present an health form.
Here you can download the form that has to be filled out by your doctor. Can I participate?

Can I compete in competitive race?
If you prefer to take part in the competitive race, have the chance to compete for the prize and be included in the ranking list you must be: licensed for a Federation of Athletics affiliated to the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations). You can search the Federation in your country here. https://www.iaaf.org/about-iaaf/structure/member-federations
Your licence will have to be valid for 2021.

Alternatively, you can participate in non competitive race by:
submitting a medical certificate issued abroad in accordance with the rules on health protection in competitive sports in force in your country; please download the template of medical certificate to be used from our website www.trentinoeventi.it download area

  • May I register the day of the race?

No. registration are closed the day of the race

  • May I pay the registration fee when I pick up my bib number?

No, you have to pay in accordance with the payment procedures provided. Registrations without entry fee payment will not be accepted.

  • May I register even if I haven’t got a license or the medical certificate yet?

Yes, you can register. You will have to provide us with the documentation for the licence / medical certification by sending it via e-mail to the address eventi@trentinoeventi.it as soon as possible.

  • How can I check if my registration was successful?

The www.icron.it automatically sends an e-mail confirmation when the payment is verified (wait a few days if you paid by bank transfer).

  • When will my name be available in the official participans’ list?

The bib number assignment of your name to the participants’ list on www.icron.it are not automatic. Each registration is checked and validated by an operator, in order to avoid problems. Therefore, don’t worry if you are not able to see your name in the list: you have to wait at least a 2 or 3 days since your registration was completed. The registration receipt issued by www.icron.it or your bank transfert receipt is already a warranty of successful entry.

  • If I can’t participate, can I get a refund of the registration fee?

No repayment of the organization fee can be claimed – unless a medical certificate is sent until October 31, 2021 (inbox). Please consider that a handling fee of EUR 10,00- will be retained by organizer.

  • The marathon confirmation letter

The “Confirmation Letter” is the only document that gives the right to pick up a start number at the Event Sport Expo. The “Confirmation Letter” will be published close to the event date and must be downloaded, undersigned and presented by every participant when collecting the start number.

  • Where can I pick-up my bib number? At the Palafiere!

Friday November 12 from 04.00 pm to 08.00 pm,
Saturday, November 13, from 10.00am to 07.00 pm
Sunday, November 14, from 07:00 am. to 09:00 am.
at the Riva del Garda, PALAFIERE – BALTERA Street 20, Riva del Garda, which will also host an Expo area on those same days

  • What documents do I need to pick-up the bib number?

To pick-up your bib number you will need to submit the following documents:

  • a valid ID card
  • documents confirming your Athletics Club membership ard and medical certificate (in case these documents had not yet been provided)
  • a letter of confirmation (on your smartphone or tablet)

The race numbers and goody bags can be collected by a third person, who must submit a specific authorization form signed by you and a valid ID card.

  • Can I pick-up the bib number on race day?

Yes, you can pick up your bib number from 07:00 am. to 09:00 am.

  • What to do if you couldn’t attend the Expo

Garda Trentino Half Marathon in person we know this isn’t always possible. Here’s what you needed to do if you couldn’t attend the event:
Nominate someone to attend the Expo and collect your runner number for you.
Your nominee needed to provide a letter written and signed by you, giving permission for them to collect your number. They also needed to bring a copy of your identification.
Sign the declaration on your registration form. When your nominee gave the form to the Registration Clerk, they checked your details.
Your nominee also needed to bring some identification (for example, their passport or driving license).

Where can I find a route map?
A downloadable PDF of the 21K course is available in the Download area.

Change your distance
Anytime it is possible to change your distance! Just get in contact with us eventi@trentinoeventi.it  We only need your datas:
– Name and surname
– Birthyear and sex
– E-Mail address
– Address
– Nation

Your change is from half Garda 21K Weekend, we have to charge an extra fee of € 10,00.

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