GARDA TRENTINO HALF MARATHON offer the chance of running at the same pace as experienced runners who, easily identifiable by a coloured balloon that can be seen from afar, have the task of completing the 21.097 km within a pre-determined time.

Seven basic target times are on the programm: 1.24 – 1.29 – 1.34 – 1.39 – 1.44 –  1.49 – 1.54 – 1.59 – 2.04 – 2.09

Pacemaker are atletes who assist the participants with finishing the race in a specified time, with great accuracy (30 seconds more or less…).  Locating the pacemakers on race day will be very easy: at the start, they will stay in the apposite corrals, wearing a vest with the “pacer” sign and the expected final time.

However, during the race nothing prevents you from leaving your group and joining a faster one.